Textbooks & Course Materials


What Kind of Course Materials Will I Need?

Textbooks, Workbooks, Packets, and Bundles

  • 博天堂官方书店出售和出租新旧材料,包括教科书、练习册、 and packets.
  • 一些课程要求学生在开始时将所有书籍捆绑购买 of the program; the bookstore sells these, too. A bundle meets the definition of "low cost" when its price comes to less than $40.
  • 如果你没有课本的打印本,或者学校里没有 当你需要它的时候,到图书馆借阅处看看它是否被预订了. 你可以免费借出预定的书两小时或三天,视情况而定 availability.
  • 无障碍资源中心(CFAR)有一个免费的教科书借阅库. When available, you can check out a book for the entire term. Visit CFAR in Red Cedar Hall, Room 105, or email, to check on the availability of a text.
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Supplies & Hardware

  • Course supplies might include paint brushes or paper for an art class.
  • 硬件可能包括需要购买的笔记本电脑、遥控器或特定类型的设备 of calculator for a course.
  • 其中一些材料可以免费或低价获得(见下文)。.
  • The Library offers free one- or three-day laptop checkouts.
  • 有些项目可能要求您在项目开始时购买设备; 这些项目不会报告给书店,也不会在搜索中显示 free or low-cost materials.
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Open Educational Resources (OER)

  • OER是你和你的老师都可以使用的免费教材和其他材料 customize, share anywhere, and keep indefinitely.
  • Sometimes you can purchase a low-cost print copy of an OER at the Campus Store; you can also print them yourself.
  • MyOpenMath是一个免费/开放的数学平台,为您的电子教科书和在线作业. If 你的教练使用MyOpenMath,他们会给你一个加入课程的代码.
  • Need help? 你可以从你的老师或Math Desk那里获得对MyOpenMath的支持 in the Learning Center.
  • 在某些课程中,您可能需要购买实验手册或作业访问码 addition to the OER.
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Library eTextbooks

  • 一些课程的电子书可以通过博天堂官方图书馆在网上免费获得. You’ll 请在教学大纲、校园商店系统和/或传单中查看有关此选项的信息 in the Campus Store.
  • 您将需要您的博天堂官方 ID号码和出生年份访问电子书.
  • 如果您需要帮助访问或使用电子书中的功能,请访问参考资料 Desk in the Library or call (541) 917-4645.
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Direct Digital Access (DDA)

  • DDA是指直接通过Moodle或其他方式提供的数字课程材料 learning platform.
  • 有时您可以购买DDA材料的打印副本,价格很低,但只有 if you stay enrolled in DDA.
  • DDA费用是在注册时收取的,这意味着你不能购买这些材料 used. 然而,因为出版商知道所有的学生都在支付费用,成本 is usually lower than the new textbook cost.
  • 您将自动收取DDA费用,除非您选择退出或退出课程 add/drop deadline. If you opt out, you may not be able to get to the online homework that comes with the DDA package. Talk your instructor before opting out.
  • You may be able to find DDA materials for free or low cost (see below).


  • 博天堂官方的许多课程都有Moodle平台上的阅读材料、作业和其他内容.
  • 如果您在使用Moodle时遇到任何问题,请联系您的导师或学生帮助 Desk in the Library (541-917-4630).

Access Codes and Other Platforms

  • 一些教师使用Moodle以外的平台,如Pearson的MyMathLab、McGraw-Hill、 Google Classroom, Canvas, or Cengage Unlimited.
  • 如果你需要这些平台的帮助,直接联系你的教练或公司. 学生帮助台和学习中心的工作人员将尽力为您提供支持 你遇到的问题,但他们没有管理员权限或培训 platforms.
  • Some of these platforms are free. Others require you to purchase an access code, usually available from the Campus Store.
  • 在线访问码也可能需要其他材料,如教科书,补充 materials, tutorials, or online test-taking software; e.g. ALEKs and Sapling.
  • You may be able to find access codes for free or low cost (see below).
  • 如果你的数学课程需要ALEKS,你可以购买一个学期或全年的代码 in the Campus Store.
  • Need help with ALEKS? Try the Math Cafe, or the Math Desk in the Learning Center.


How to Find Low-cost Materials

在Student Scheduler Tool中,您可以过滤以下课程的搜索结果 have zero-cost or low-cost materials. However, be aware that this info is gathered 在注册之前,并非所有的课程都有低成本和零成本的课程材料 被标记,所以你的搜索结果可能不包括所有可用的选项 to you. For more details, check out these FAQs on free and low-cost textbooks.


How to Rent Course Materials 

How does the rental process work?

It's easy.

  • 在书店网站上网上购物或亲自来挑选教科书 the term.
  • Then come to the bookstore to check out. When you're at the register, the cashier 会告诉你哪些书可以出租,价格是多少,这样你就可以选择了 whether to buy or rent the book.
  • 如果你选择租房,你会被要求提供你的博天堂官方,以及你的 debit or credit card info to secure the rental.
  • 学期结束时,在期末考试周把书还给书店.

Why do you need a credit or debit card now? Is it charged when I pick up the book??

The only charge associated with renting the textbook is the rental fee. Your card is not charged for any additional fees unless the book is not returned. We require 您必须使用信用卡或借记卡以确保归还教科书.

Why should I rent from the bookstore instead of going online?

Renting from the bookstore is better than renting online in a few ways.

  • You can get competitive pricing. Going online doesn't necessarily give you a better price.
  • 根据直接收到的订单,您可以确保获得正确的书籍 your instructor.
  • You don't have to wait for the book to be shipped to you.
  • 你不必支付运费,无论是接收还是归还这本书.
  • You'll receive great customer service.

What if I don't return the book?

如果书没有被退回,你的信用卡将被收取旧零售费用 price of the book, plus a $25 penalty if applicable.


你应该尽快通知书店,以便我们设法找到一个可行的方案 solution.

Why are some books not available for rent?

租赁情况是基于市场价值和国家对该产权的需求. Not all books meet this criteria.

Where do I return the book at the end of the term?

你可以把它带到任何博天堂官方书店,但我们更希望你归还它 to the same location where you rented it.

如果我退了一门课,或者我意识到我一下课就不需要这本书了怎么办 begins?

我们的教科书租赁计划遵循与购买教科书相同的退货政策. 在大多数情况下,你必须在第一周的周五之前交回你的 rental.


How to Sell Your Books


Give us Your Feedback

如果你是一名学生,想知道如何让课程材料更容易获取 如果你有问题,或者你想学习教科书,也可以选择价格合理的课程 可负担性努力请联系教科书可负担性指导委员会 via Dionna Camp or Forrest Johnson.